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Why BasikInsight?


You need a credible, high-impact leadership development speaker who can engage your audience in an entertaining, interactive and relevant way.

You want your brand to truly reflect your values.

You need a fresh approach for strengthening relationships and bringing energy to teams.

You want your workforce to (re)commit to the institution’s values in a way that creates real results.

You want to arm your new, mid-level or senior leaders with a mindset and tools to maximize performance…starting now!

You want to strengthen accountability, respect and trust in your organization, team or family.

You want to emphasize character in a way people appreciate (i.e., not feeling “preached to”)

You’re ready for “Ethics” to mean something more than just compliance.

Dr. Kevin Basik takes over 25 years of experience as one of the leading character and leadership development experts in the military and powerfully translates it into an illuminating, entertaining and transformational experience that elevates performance in both business and life


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