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Kevin’s sessions are grounded in the latest research and best practice (steak) — offered in a fun, engaging and transformative forum (sizzle).

The programs are interactive workshops, where every participant wrestles with and applies the concepts and tools to their lives – whether they’re leading themselves, in relationships, in teams, or leading an organization.

Sessions can be in-person or virtual.
Times range from 1.5 hours to ½ day, and can be combined


All sessions align with and support the development of a “Leader of Character” as someone who:


LEADING ON PURPOSE: Defining Your Leadership Identity

Whether leading yourself, others, teams or organizations, the common thread is YOU.  Who you are defines how you lead, so you’d better be clear on “The leader you mean to be.”

This session uses humor, science, practical tools and engaging activities to help you forge your leadership identity. Using the lens of Behavioral Integrity as a driver of personal accountability, you will clarify your defining values, synthesize your leadership “Stand,” confront the obstacles to living it out, and apply a powerful strategy for bringing your values to life.


Across professions, industries, genders and ages, people consistently demand 5 ½ things from their leaders.  Therefore, any leader who wants to inspire, grow and influence others toward success and significance must deliver on these essentials.

This program blends humor, science, real-world examples, self-assessments and tools for seasoned and emerging leaders in any arena. Get these levers right, and you’ll elevate trust, accountability, innovation and values-aligned performance for yourself and those you lead.



One universal truth in leading human beings is that “perception is reality.” Therefore, to lead effectively in our personal or professional lives, we must recognize not only how we see those we lead, but also how they us, their teammates, and even themselves.

This humorous and powerfully relevant presentation is an absolute must for anyone in a role of developing the next generation of leaders.  Participants leave with knowledge, a framework and real-world tools to manage the important perceptions in our work and life.


Navigating the Human Exchange

Any time people are in the mix, conflict is close behind.  The goal is not to eliminate conflict, but to manage it in a healthy way to advance the relationship, team or organization.  It is essential for leaders to be aware of conflict “habits” and how to manage them for success.

This interactive session explores the drivers of conflict, obstacles to healthy conflict, key perceptions, and paths to success.  Participants take a world-class conflict profile assessment and receive a personalized report of their conflict tendencies, “hot-button” triggers, and techniques for effectively managing the challenging conflict moments.


  • Session size may be limited.


(Designed for individual intact teams)

The best way to do “teambuilding” is to help the team perform better, so let’s get real.  Research has identified eight factors that consistently lead to high-performing teams. By understanding these factors, knowing the “score” (with real data!) and responding appropriately, leaders and teams can move forward to enhance trust, efficiency and effectiveness at all levels.

Built on the world-renown Rocket Model© and Team Assessment Survey, this highly interactive workshop helps intact teams (including “top” teams) to go to the next level of performance.


  • Best offered in a 1-day workshop.
  • Ideal team size is up to 20 members.


(For multiple team leaders from different teams)

Imagine a room full of team leaders from across your organization, each hungry to grow in their leadership.  Now provide them a proven framework to guide their approach to team leadership, and equip each with actual data about their respective teams.  Now have them lean on each other to create solutions to elevate their team performance.

Built on the world-renown Rocket Model© and Team Assessment Survey, this interactive workshop is designed to provide current team leaders with a powerful framework for elite team performance, data on their actual teams (across the 8 dimensions), and a forum for creating real plans for team success.


  • Best offered in a 1-day workshop with up to 20 individual team leaders.
  • Price is based on a per-leader (participant) rate.


  • ETHICAL CULTURES: Preventing Ethical “Drift”
    • Thriving Through the Storms of Life
    • The Ingredients of Hope
  • COURAGE: The 3 Courage “Catalysts” for Crossing the Gap
  • MOTIVATION: The Motivation Equation

Basik Insight is proud to announce…

Leadership Development catalyst for your culture

The Challenge

Do you wish you had a structured, deliberate, cost-effective way to infuse leadership concepts, tools and conversations into every level of your organization?

Click HERE for overview video.

The Solution

The Peer Leader Huddle program.  Each month, members from across your organization attend one of four 60-90 min online sessions, led by a world-class instructor, on an important leadership topic (e.g., “Creating an Accountability Culture).  Participants join whichever session aligns with their respective leadership level (see below) and “huddle” with peer-level learners from other companies, industries, and professions.  The sessions are interactive (with breakout room discussions), and focused on real-world solutions.

The Payoff

You are feeding members throughout your organization important leadership content, creating a natural catalyst for culture-strengthening discussions every month.

In this monthly membership program, leadership development costs are minimized because the one price “opens the doors” for people at every level to participate.  Contact us about pricing.

*Call for pricing. Session prices are based on duration and level of customization. Other session topis available upon request.

Dr. Kevin Basik takes over 25 years of experience as one of the leading character and leadership development experts in the military and powerfully translates it into an illuminating, entertaining and transformational experience that elevates performance in both business and life


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