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Dr. Kevin Basik has spent over 25 years studying and applying values-based leadership development.  He is an internationally-recognized speaker, a published scholar, an award-winning instructor, a recognized developmental expert, and most importantly-- a proven leader.

A 1993 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Kevin earned his Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Virginia Tech, and his PhD in Organizational Behavior from Florida State University’s College of Business, studying the concept of “behavioral integrity” as a driver of trust, accountability and performance.

Kevin has successfully led in positions ranging from small units to international organizations of over 16,000 members.   In addition, he personally directed and delivered highly-recognized leadership development programs for students, faculty, managers, Special Operations warriors, law enforcement officers, elite athletes, senior government officials and Fortune 500 corporate executives.

He is a 23-year officer veteran of the US Air Force, and in his most recent assignment, served as one of the top advisors to Pentagon senior leaders on issues of Professionalism and values-based leadership, impacting the development of 3.2 million service members.  He is recognized as one of the DoD’s top thought leaders in leadership development, and has traveled around the world speaking to service members at all levels on professionalism and values-based leadership.

Kevin is the President of BasikInsight, a company dedicated to energizing, enlightening, and equipping organizations to lead with character.

Dr. Kevin Basik takes over 25 years of experience as one of the leading character and leadership development experts in the military and powerfully translates it into an illuminating, entertaining and transformational experience that elevates performance in both business and life


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