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Presentation Topics

The purpose of a keynote address is to energize and challenge an audience in a way that drives new actions. This is where Kevin Basik shines.

His approach is a refreshing combination of humor, energy, undeniable expertise, and practical application that drives personal and professional performance.

Here a sample of recent highly-praised session topics:

The 4 Lenses of Leadership

One universal truth in dealing with and leading human being is that “perception is reality.” This undeniable dynamic affects our interactions with our customers, peers, subordinates, leaders, spouses, kids and more! Therefore, we have to recognize the lenses through which we see those we lead, as well as the lenses through which followers see their leaders, their teammates, and even themselves.

This powerfully vulnerable and humorous presentation is an absolute must for anyone in a role of developing your next generation of leaders. It presents fascinating research behind how these lenses drive behaviors, and what we can do to manage that to bring out the best in ourselves and others. Participants leave with knowledge, a framework and real-world tools to manage the important perceptions in our work and life.


Taking Your Leadership Stand

As a leader in any area of your life, you must be crystal clear about who you are trying to be for yourself and those you lead. This energizing session helps leaders crystallize the 3 key elements of their Leadership Stand. Without this important clarity, we all run the risk of perfectly hitting the wrong target.

Emotional, personal and entertaining, this session guides the participants through the 3 elements of a Leadership Stand with powerful examples and applications for business and life, starting today.

The Teacher Is The Lesson

This highly-acclaimed keynote is the perfect way to ignite the commitment of teachers, administrators, coaches, parents or any leaders who have a heart for developing others.  Those “tuned in” to the importance of teachable moments have a powerful opportunity to be a guide and model of someone on their own character journey.

Dr. Basik (recipient of the Air Force Academy’s Teaching Excellence and Outstanding Academy Educator Awards) brings a unique balance of inspiration, humor, research insights and immediately applicable tools to this session,  leaving audience members inspired and armed to bring out the best possible selves in those they lead.



Crossing the Gap – living your values

Our character, leadership, reputation and brand are all created moment by moment. How we handle these moments, big or small, creates habits of honor and excellence, or habits of weakness and drift. The true test for all of us lies in what is called, “The Decision-Action Gap”–where we have the potential to live out the decisions and values we espouse. But the pressures at this gap are real and powerful, and must be confronted.

This session provides a crystal clear framework that helps attendees recognize, confront and conquer The Gap. The impact of this insight can elevate accountability, trust and performance in our personal and professional lives. A perfect inspirational keynote for individuals and teams wanting to align values and actions to be better tomorrow than today.


The 5 ½ Answer to the Leadership Test

How do people finish this sentence: “If you are going to successfully lead ME, you had better _____”? This interactive session immediately engages the audience, and takes them through an informative and practical exploration of the 5 1/2 leadership levers available to us all.

Business leaders, teachers, parents, military leaders and others all embrace this simple yet powerful examination. The data is undeniable, and the relevance is immediate. Get these answers right and you can be the type of leader you want to be for yourself and others!



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